Research Proposal Guidelines

Click here to download the request for proposal for the 2019 grant cycle.

Submission of Proposals

The Britton Fund is currently accepting letters of proposal for funding of creative arboricultural educational programs. Eligible programs must be based on current scientific or safety standards, and target either the public or arboricultural professionals. A wide range of project types will be considered.

Submission Requirements:

1. Project title and format
2. Applicant information (name, title, contact information)
3. Statement of problem or unmet need, and objective of project
4. Significance of proposed project to the arboricultural industry
5. Brief description of existing educational materials which address the topic
6. Outline of project content and format
7. Examples of other relevant work by applicant
8. Funding amount requested, and a description of how these and any other funds will be allocated
9. Estimated completion date

Criteria for Project Selection:

1. Approach – is the project feasible, scientifically sound, and creative? Are the proposed methods appropriate?
2. Performance – does the applicant have the necessary qualifications to complete the project? Are the outcomes of the project realistic within the proposed time-frame?
3. Funding – are the requested funds sufficient to complete the project? Are there other sources of funding? Does the project have a high anticipated cost/benefit ratio?
4. Impact – does the project address a problem/issue within TBF’s priority education areas? Will this project be useful for the arboricultural industry?

Projects are to be completed within two years’ time. If this is not possible, grantee will submit a progress report and request for extension prior to the expiration of the two-year period. The schedule for submission of proposals and awarding of grant is dependent on the individual project.
Maximum funding for each proposal is set at $5,000.00.

Respond in writing to Katherine Naegele, Educational Chair,


The Britton Fund Research Committee is charged with the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Identifying research needs of the Western Chapter that are not being addressed by other granting agencies;
  2. Developing requests for proposals (RFP) for research and education projects of interest and value to its members;
  3. Evaluating proposals submitted to the Fund for scientific soundness and applicability to research priorities;
  4. Funding projects deemed appropriate, desirable and feasible, and monitoring their progress;
  5. Facilitating distribution of information generated from research projects grants.
  6. Maintaining records of active and completed projects.
  7. Submitting committee reports to the Britton Fund Board of Directors.