Britton Fund Ride 2022

Urbana to Nirvana – Oakland, CA

May 2, 2022 

Congratulations to our riders and thanks to the organization team of Doug  Anderson, Gordon Matassa, John Leffingwell and our awesome route creator, Ian Kesterson.   It was a great day.   

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Thanks to 2022 Corporate Sponsors


  • Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists, Inc.
  • A Plus Tree Care
  • Monarch Consulting Arborists
  • West Coast Arborists, Inc.


  • Mann Made Associates
  • TreeMasters


  • California Tree & Landscape Consulting
  • HortScience | Bartlett Consulting


  • Arborjet
  • Epicenter Management
  • Gerber Kawasaki
  • HUB International
  • Mellinger Consulting
  • Shigo & Trees
  • Trove Professional Services

Here’s what past riders have said:

  • It was incredibly fun! Great group of people, very easy going, good food, we raised so much money – very successful and rewarding experience.
  • Lots of great people I would probably not have had a chance to get to know otherwise. Beautiful setting. Wonderful support from SAG. The choice of length of ride was really important to many people I spoke to.
  • You’re riding for a great cause and it was inspiring to me all the donations I received from residents who wanted to support tree research.
  • A complicated way of having fun and feeling good about the world. Camaraderie is HUGE. Personal challenge is a driving, but daunting, force. I guarantee participating in The Britton Fund Ride will be a personal uplifting, invigorating experience for YOU!!