The Britton Fund Ride 2024

17th Annual

Britton Fund Ride

San Diego, California

April 29, 2024

Every dollar raised through this annual fundraising is dedicated to research and education for our tree-care professionals in the West.

Thank you!

To our 2024 riders, event sponsors, volunteers, and our many donors! It was a beautiful ride on the roads and alongside the waves in San Diego, California. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this year’s fundraising event.

The morning was cool and calm on April 29th, ideal weather for the 17th Annual Britton Fund Ride signaling the start of the Western Chapter’s 90th Annual Conference and Tradeshow in San Diego, California.

Twenty Britton Fund cyclists and volunteers gathered in front of the Hyatt Mission Bay Resort, limbering up for a 55-mile journey along the scenic San Diego roads and coastline. The event began with the symbolic planting of a Pistacia chinensis, or “Chinese Pistache,” tree in Mission Bay Park. Tim Womick offered a blessing for the newly planted tree and wished for a safe journey ahead.

Riding through miles of lush neighborhoods adorned with towering trees and blooming plants, the team embarked on a challenging ascent to the National Veterans Memorial at the summit of San Diego’s renowned coastal elevation, Mt. Soledad. Pausing to honor our veterans, they were greeted by a stunning panoramic view of the city and bay, which invigorated them as they proceeded to their eagerly awaited next destination.

The University of California San Diego’s Early Childhood Education Center teachers and children were filled with anticipation for the Britton Fund cyclists to arrive and plant a Quercus gambelii, also known as the “Rocky Mountain White Oak,” in their playground. As the hole was prepared, eager eyes watched intently. Tim led the children in an engaging lesson on the importance of trees, while the Britton Fund riders carefully positioned and consecrated the oak. The students took part in the tree’s dedication by helping to turn the soil and water it. Following a hearty round of applause, and while the soil still clung to their hands, the cyclists road out toward the San Diego Botanical Gardens.

The San Diego Botanical Gardens offered a respite with cool shade and a substantial lunch, along with a chance for some mechanical fine-tuning before embarking on a demanding yet picturesque journey along the Pacific Coast Highway, returning to the Hyatt Mission Bay Resort.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each of our Britton Fund cyclists for their dedication, vibrant energy, camaraderie, wit, and commitment to fundraising $750 individually, all of which contributes to our collective target of $25,000.

Together, we care for trees!

Additional contributions are welcomed to support the 17th Annual Britton Fund Ride and our cyclists! Make your donation through or by scanning the QR code here.

Check out the photos! The 17th Annual Britton Fund Ride in San Deigo, California.  

A special acknowledgement to Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery for their donation of the Chinese Pistache and Rocky Mountain White Oak planted during this year’s ride. Thank you!

Thank you to the WCISA Board, the Epicenter Management team, and event volunteers for their partnership and outstanding support. High recognition to our loyal Event Sponsors! The success of the Annual Britton Fund Ride would not be possible without each of you and your generous financial sponsorships!

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Here is what past cyclists have said about The Britton Fund Ride:

  • It was incredibly fun! Great group of people, very easy going, good food, we raised so much money – very successful and rewarding experience.
  • Lots of great people I would probably not have had a chance to get to know otherwise. Beautiful setting. Wonderful support from SAG. The choice of length of ride was really important to many people I spoke to.
  • You’re riding for a great cause and it was inspiring to me all the donations I received from residents who wanted to support tree research.
  • A complicated way of having fun and feeling good about the world. Camaraderie is HUGE. Personal challenge is a driving, but daunting, force. I guarantee participating in The Britton Fund Ride will be a personal uplifting, invigorating experience for YOU!