Meet the Treetures®

Professor Arbor E. Tum and Vinca Vinestein

The Professors, Arbor R Tum and Vinestein have a great time hanging out with the TreeCircus at the California State Fair each summer. Have you ever wanted to join the circus? Come on out and let us show you the ropes!

The Britton Fund is proud to sponsor the Treetures!

And we love our spokescharacters! Professors Arbor E. Tum and Vinca Vinestein, part of the TREETURES® cast of characters, are Treesearch Scientists from Nutley Grove. They have made appearances at the California State Fair, the California Arbor Week Tour, and the WCISA Annual Conferences.

The Professors’ mission is to inspire young and old alike to promote a healthy, sustainable environment in a changing world through fundraising, research, and education.

If you’d like them to make an appearance at your arbor day, fill out the online request form.  Learn more about the professor and other Treetures® at


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