My Tree & Me

Have Fun with Urban Forestry!

Discover the green world around us with “My Tree and Me”! Designed for young explorers aged 3 and up, our latest version 2 update brings the urban forest right into your child’s hands. With “My Tree and Me,” kids can embark on an interactive journey, selecting characters that mirror their appearance and diving into vibrant puzzles of diverse trees. Completing each puzzle unlocks a special “tree card,” turning every tree discovery into a chance to learn through captivating stories and fun facts. Cultivate a love for nature, one tree at a time, and watch as your child’s virtual arboretum grows with each adventure in “My Tree and Me”!

“My Tree and Me” is an educational app tailored for children aged 3 and up, focusing on the fascinating world of urban forestry and tree knowledge. In this updated version 2, children can choose a personal avatar, reflecting their own identity, to navigate through the app. They are invited to solve engaging tree puzzles, each completion adding a new tree to their collection. These collected trees are not just images but gateways to knowledge, as each one comes with its own story or set of fun facts. This interactive approach helps children learn about the diversity and importance of trees in urban environments while fostering environmental awareness and curiosity.

Presented by The Britton Fund and developed through the Harvey Mudd College Clinic Program as part of California Urban Forests Council’s AMPlify the Urban Forest project. Funding for this project is provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as part of the California Climate Investments Program.

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