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Decay Fungi of Oaks and Associated
Hardwoods for Western Arborists
Palm book cover
The Biology and Management of Landscape Palms
 Oaks in the Urban Landscape
Oaks in the Urban Landscape
 Roots Compendium Cover
Reducing Infrastructure Damage by Tree Roots

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2022 Edition Tree Care for Wildlife Best Management Practices

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We also have a delightful coloring book for children of all ages!

Treetures Join the TreeCircus!

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Coming soon!  Our newest sponsored publication Botany for Arborists, a collection of articles written by Dr. Jim Downer over the past ten years, will soon be released. Dr. Downer showcased his work at the WCISA Conference and Tradeshow, May 8-11, 2023.  Watch for our announcement regarding his book release!