Technical Information Sheets

These ten free Technical Informational Sheets, created by Helen Stone and Dr. James Downer, cover topics of interest and importance to arborists in the WCISA region and beyond.  Click on the titles below to download each PDF or download the complete set here.

1. Managing Trees During Drought and Water Restrictions

2. Maximizing Benefits of Trees in Hot Climates

3. Caring for Old Native Oaks

4. Planting and Early Care of Trees

5. Improving Soil Conditions Around Existing Trees

6. Managing Infrastructure Conflicts with Trees

7. Maintaining Palm Trees

8. Diagnosing and Rectifying Salt Toxicity\

9. Responsible Wood Waste Management

10. Trees, Water and Irrigation



The Britton Fund recently announced research funding has been awarded to Dr. Linda Chalker Scott to produce 10 new Technical Information Sheets. Check back regularly for these important resources for your personal and professional use.


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