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Announcing 2022 Funding Opportunities



The Britton Fund supports research and education projects of interest and value to members of the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (WCISA). Funds received from WCISA, donations from members, workday sponsors, and sponsorship from industry leaders support our mission. Britton Fund grants support qualified projects up to the level of approximately $30,000. Projects may continue for up to two calendar years—publications may emerge later. Britton Fund grants provide start-up funding for preliminary studies, matching funds, or planning efforts for larger studies. We encourage investigators to seek matching funds and collaborate with industry leaders. The Britton Fund pays a limited amount for administrative costs of grant processing.

Current issues with tree health, establishment, and sustainability in states served by the Western Chapter (CA, HI, NV, AZ) include but are not limited to the following challenges:

  • Tree establishment, as affected by cultural practices in nurseries. Examples: structural pruning practices, container root pruning systems, and other methods of developing strong young stock.
  • Spread, detection, or control of endemic and/or exotic pests/pathogens. Examples: Pittosporum decline, invasive shot hole borer, gold spotted oakborer, lobate lac scale of Ficus spp., Ficus microcarpa stem gall wasp, Ceratocystis wilt of ohia (Metrosideros polymorpha), deodar cedar decline, and other emergent pests of landscape shade trees.
  • Studies of urban tree diversity, survival, and health as city streets and open spaces experience changes in environmental resources. Examples: high night temperatures in urban areas; water quality (salinity), water quantity and application methodology; air quality responses; conversion of standard landscapes adjacent to urban trees to water-conserving landscapes; drought tolerance/adaptability; species pruning requirements in response to storms and climate change; and other effects of climate change on landscape trees.
  • Research that documents the impacts of urban trees on wildlife diversity, or details ecosystem services in urban forests is encouraged.

Funded proposals must produce a report or publication, valuable to professionals in arboriculture, which becomes available to WCISA members through the Britton Fund and/or the WCISA Chapter’s web sites or publication (Western Arborist). Qualified applicants need notbe a member of the WCISA; however, the applicant must have superior knowledge in the subject areas pertaining to their proposal and demonstrated ability to publish their results in peer-reviewed journals as well as in the Western Arborist magazine. Proposed research must be scientifically sound, replicable, and of a caliber suitable for peer review and publication in technical journals such as the Journal of Arboriculture and Urban Forestry, Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, the Journal of Environmental Horticulture, etc.

Download the full RFP or email Dr. Jim Downer to express interest.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Web-Accessed Technical Information Sheets

DEADLINE EXTENDED until March 31, 2022

The Britton Fund, Inc. has extended the deadline for proposal from qualified applicants to prepare a series of 10 Technical Informational Sheets on topics of interest and importance to Western Chapter arborists until March 1, 2022

Download the full RFP or email Rose Epperson express interest.