Invest from the Ground Up Displays

New Table Top Displays now available!

Invest from the Ground Up displays are now available to WCISA members to bring to community events! Fill out our online display request form or email to sign up today.

The display recap form can be downloaded here or filled out online here. Remember, these are required as part of our grant reporting!

Already have a display, but need educational material?  Download our Homeowner factsheet and our Business Owner factsheet.


We’ve partnered with the California Urban Forest Council on a public education program called Invest from the Ground Up.

Great neighborhoods are made up of more than nice houses and good schools. Great neighborhoods have a certain character, rooted in the tree-lined streets, parks and other green spaces that provide lifelong memories and help make where we live feel like home. Trees and green spaces give us more than a sense of nostalgia; they provide a range of values we can measure. They cool our cities and towns, clean the air we breathe, slow down cars on our streets and make our communities safer places. They can also increase the value of our homes and local businesses by creating the kind of neighborhoods where people thrive and want to live. That’s why we want you to join us and “Invest from the Ground Up!” By investing in our trees and green spaces you’re making an investment in our homes and businesses and our neighborhoods and local communities that will continue to pay for itself over time.

Click here for CaUFC’s full Invest from the Ground Up toolkit.