The Britton Fund Research Observations & Findings

Come join us for a review of projects your support has helped to fund! These Britton Fund projects dating back to 2014 include the following: A multi-year research grant designed to provide planners information on which trees to plant as our climate changes. A fungal decay assay providing new insights into which decay fungi are actually present in urban wood. An investigation into disease of Palo Verde, a species included in the Selecting Trees Fit for the Future: project. An effort to improve and raise awareness for Tree Care for Birds and other Wildlife. Other topics include the Urban Pathways wood preservation grant, and the work being done by Dr. John Kabashima in control of GSOB and ISHB as part of a CalFire Grant. The only project not included here that has been funded for the last five years is the study of Stem Gall Wasp and Lobate Lac Scale treatment done by Zhiquiang Cheng at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.