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2014 Volunteer Work Day

We hosted our 9th Annual Volunteer Work Day at Fairyland in Oakland, CA March 14-16, 2014! Work took place at on Saturday, March 15th, with prep work on Friday, March 14th. We did a few removals as well as safety pruning throughout.  We had free reign to work within the park grounds from 7am to 10am, after that

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2013 Volunteer Work Day

Volunteer Certified Arborists Provide Free Tree Care at Boy Scout Camp: Event marks 8th annual volunteer weekend and a blossoming partnership between Arborists and Scouts   MAR 17, 2013 – LOS ANGELES, CA – This weekend 50 volunteer Certified Arborists and their families volunteered their tree expertise at Camp Josepho, a Boy Scout camp in

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2012 Volunteer Work Day

Over the past 10 years, we have organized annual volunteer work days to improve the treescape at a park or campsite in exchange for a donation to their tree research and education fund, The Britton Fund. This year’s event, at Camp Whitsett in the Sierras, involved pruning, removals, and brush clearing. Play time was also

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